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The Shadow of the Cross

As I sat in my living room yesterday morning, meditating on my plight, my mistakes, my countless failings, I was left feeling a bit dejected. Here I am, having walked with the Lord for 45 years now, and I still fall short constantly. I looked over at my Advent wreath and considered the symbolism of each candle. This week’s candle symbolizes PEACE. As I pondered what that really meant, I happened to glance down at the drop leaf on my kitchen table and saw…could it be? Yes, it could…I saw the shadow of the cross in silhouette, and I was struck by God’s provision. Amidst my shortcomings, my sins, my stubborn resistance, God was showing me His provision and His peace. While we delve into the darkness of Advent and lament our tragedies, our painful circumstances, our own poor choices, let us remember that He is coming, and His gift of love manifested itself on the cross. Because of His love, I can live in peace, because He has provided a way for me, and it was His plan from the beginning.

So yes, I sit soberly and contemplate my sin because I need to understand the depth of my need for a Savior. And once I grasp that, I see the shadow of the cross and I am flooded with His peace, which goes beyond understanding. Much like the virgin birth, I cannot comprehend such a gift, such a peace. But I can accept it and embrace it as the most precious gift I can have living in this world of woe.

Walk with The Prince of Peace Today

Take a few minutes (or longer) today and consider where you need His peace in your life this Advent season. Honestly face your anxieties and your fears. Lay them all before Him. Then ask Him to provide the peace and provision that can only come from Him. He is so faithful.

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