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Every time someone new joins the team, we all get excited because our family expands and the heart of Jesus extends to earth.


At Sanctuary, we truly are a family and we stand for our family values.

Sanctuary values the presence of God, and that we pursue His presence TOGETHER.  In Jesus, we know hope and healing can be found so we make it our mission to know Him, and to bring others to know Him as well.  We do this at church, but we also carry this mission with us wherever we go!  It’s as simple as loving others and just extending an invitation to check us out on a Sunday. 

  1. Complete Growth Track

  2.  Become a Member of Sanctuary

  3. Complete the Serve Team Application & Agree with the Honor Code in Step 4 of Growth Track

  4. Identify which Ministry Hub is a good starting point for service and connect with the Lead to learn the Next Steps from there. 

Prayer is the heart and soul of the life and culture of Sanctuary.  Prayer is our opportunity to listen to God and give the Holy Spirit freedom to work and move to heal, deliver, and strengthen His people.  The prayer ministry oversees times of intercession, prayer for inner-healing and deliverance, as well as prophetic ministry within services.    

Praying Hands

A multi layered team that involves , filming, editing, creating, and producing the sunday online services as well as weekly media.

Production Team Meeting

​A weekly Ministry that helps welcome newcomers and everyone to Sunday events and services. Specializing in welcoming, guiding, set up,  &  hospitality. This serve team ministers through greeting and ushering each welcomed person entering our gatherings whether it is in person or online.


A Group of creatives gathering to support and inspire one another in seeking the creator in their process. 


The SOUND & MEDIA TEAM is a crucial part of our body and creating a welcoming audible balance for all our in person gatherings. 
This team will teach equipment balance, care, and  "production" of the Sermons & Worship to be heard across our media platforms. In-turn the SOUND TEAM is pivotal to reaching the lost and distraught among us or finding us via media. This is the unique position that helps us to outreaches to touch those in person, the homebound, or even the unchurched through online streaming as well as in house sound.

Sound Equipment

"The Kingdom Kid Zone" serves the children of Sanctuary (ages 0-10).  It is focused on being a fun & creative environment for studying the Bible and learning about Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. The ministry is run by the CMEC board to ensure safety and quality of learning and fun.


One of most valuable and honored teams! This serve team is a crucial component of honoring what God has blessed us with. Just as God had appointed those to build and upkeep HIS temple in the old testament, we come together to serve thru up-keeping the building by maintenance, prayer, cleaning, organization, and generally to ensure our building is safe for all who enter it.

Cleaning Supplies

As a community that highly values the constant pursuit of God's presence, Sanctuary delights in worship and praise.  Our musicians cultivate a personal life of prayer and intimacy with God in preparation for leading the church into worship services that will provide space for life-changing encounters with our Savior, Jesus. safe for all who enter it.

Copy of Copy of Copy of  The River (3)_edited.jpg

As part of the Design Team, we serve by creating an enjoyable, friendly, comfortable, and beautiful atmosphere that makes it easy to connect with God, and others, at every church gathering. Our Team extends into several areas overseeing the Facility, Special Events, Website and  all media handouts or posters. We pray to find God's voice in a visual welcoming expression to help all eyes ultimately focus on God in all His glory. God's creativity flows thru many ready prayer-filled hearts and medias. We need your creativity and work to  bring it from heaven to earth.

Arts & Crafts

A few select trusted individuals with a in-depth background in programming, computer technical wiring/routing , & business understanding handle the churches computer systems throughout.

Glowing Keyboard

Sanctuary has a few annual big outreach events that try to outreach to the community of Concord and the surrounding valley. For information on donations or helping Contact The Lead of outreach: Stacie McKay


We would like to  invite and encourage you to visit the webpages below  of a few local ministries that we support. Each  ministry has been such a blessing in giving, serving, and healing our community. 

Options Health

A non-profit organization providing no cost professional healthcare, education, and support services to women, men, and their families in the areas of pregnancy, sexual health, and other related concerns.

foster city-logo.png
Foster the City

A coalition of churches providing loving homes for children in foster care.

shepard gate logo_edited.jpg
Shepard's Gates

A Christian nonprofit on a mission to free women and children from the deconstructive cycles of homelessness


Supporting Jack and Debrah Fliehman's  ministry to feed the unsheltered community

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