“And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers” (Ephesians 4:11). 


      Biblically, the pastor serves as an overseer in the Church. In Ephesians 4:11, the Greek word for “pastor” is “poimen,” which literally translates “shepherd.”  The word is plural and also seems to be united with the role of teaching.  With this in mind, the Scripture indicates that the pastor operates within a team of overseers.  Also, one way in which a pastor oversees and leads the community is through admonition and teaching.  

       It is not uncommon, in the modern Church, to view the pastor as an autocratic leader.  At Sanctuary, we seek to foster a culture of shared-leadership where the unique gifts of the ministry leadership can work in conjunction with the senior pastor in supporting the growth and health of the church.  We have Lead pastors, Jim Shields & Audrey McCormick, along with assisting pastors:  Warren Clark.  This pastoral team rotates on a teaching schedule for Sunday sermons; they also serve the community by providing prayer, counsel, care, wisdom, and oversight for individuals and for the community at large.  




Co Lead Pastor

Jim and Linda have serve the community of Sanctuary as a senior pastor since it’s inception in 1994. Jim has a 20 year business background as a small business owner. They have three children and eight grandchildren. Jim and Linda began serving a local church in 1974 as your pastor. They also have overseen marriage and family instruction and small group ministries. They were called into the pastor at a 1992. Jim is licensed and ordained through open Bible Churches. Pastor Jim is a passionate and knowledgeable pastor with a heart for a relational church and the intimacy and power of prayer. He leads to encourage the congregation interpersonal relationships of Jesus and personal relationships with one another. He is an advocate and huge main stay in the valley church movement well as cofounder of praise in the park in Concord.

Available by appointment during office hours. Request via email:


Co Lead Pastor

Audrey McCormick is an amazing woman of God devoted to serving Sanctuary and Mae surrounding communities in the body of Christ. I did graduate a master of arts degree and intellectual leader ship from a W Tozer a theological seminary of Simpson university and Reading California and was ordained by and sanctuary in 2017. I donor husband Joseph oversee youth ministry at Sanctuary and sickly Yankee boy in the whole heart of devotion to Jesus. Outside of Sanctuary I did also works with options health of California as a community educator for the EmpoweredEd program Teaching sexual risk avoidance to the youth, and parents throughout this region. She’s a passionate inspiring teacher and loves to preach anytime she gets the opportunity.  Pastor Audrey and her husband just having your past is helping to lead are available are used for 9 years. Audrey and Joseph love to teach the Scriptures and worship freely they lead from a deep well of passion and relationships with the Lord.


Associate Pastor & Elder

Warren and Lori have served as elders in the sanctuary since it’s inception in 1994 as associate pastors in recent years. Warren recently retired after working 38.5 years in the insurance business. Warren and Lori have three children and five grandchildren all residing locally. Warren and Lori and their families are praying for people for differing freedom from emotional brokenness fear depression and demonic oppression.