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From a Lectio Divina* on Ezekiel 37:1-14

Ask me to help you. Ask me to defeat the enemy. Ask me to keep you from falling away in your faith. Ask for my will to be done. Ask for forgiveness. Ask for provision. Acknowledge who I am and watch me unleash the powers of all Heaven on your behalf.

You do not have because you do not ask. You do not pray. You do not go to your War Room and do battle. The armies of Heaven are at your disposal. I can make an army out of dry bones, but I had Ezekiel call them to life. He was part of the miracle. I had Ezekiel call into being each step of the process. I had Ezekiel prophesy my will into reality. I commanded him to call it into being.

In much the same way I am calling you! I am calling you into the battle. I am the Commander and Chief and I have developed the strategy of the battle plan. It is time to prophesy over your children and call my plan into being, because they are also MY children. Prophesy my will over them! Call them up from the graves of their brokenness. Call for tendons and muscle upon the bones. Call for blood to flow and hearts to beat and breath to fill their lungs. And then give me the glory when you see the army rise within your own family. Call my breath from the four winds for your grandchildren. Watch as I breathe life into them and cause them to grow tall and strong in me.

These children and grandchildren, along with those to come, will someday stand as an army, and I will settle them in your land and you will be surrounded by a houseful of soldiers for Christ. Go now to the War Room and call it into being! Trust in me and watch me open up the graves and call them forth. And you will KNOW that I have spoken and that I have done it.

This is your BATTLECRY!

STAND for your children.

STAND for your grandchildren.

STAND for your family.

* Lectio Divina is an ancient practice of mediating and praying through scripture.

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This is very inspiring!

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