The Love Gift Arrives

“All of conquered heaven and grateful earth echo and throb with the heart cry of the God-Child: I did it for love.”

Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift

The blessings of Advent are multi-faceted and sometimes obscure until that day when the infant King is laying in the manger, beautiful and sweet, and the heart of mankind feels God's love in a way it has never understood before. This makes me burrow down into the depths of all I have ever known or hoped Christmas to be and see it for something more. More than I will probably ever comprehend but will spend my life’s Christmases seeking. His love gift is more than I could have possibly hoped for or ever deserve.

May you truly celebrate that love today in every word, every deed, and even in every breath you take. May this day be deeply steeped in the wonder of the birth we celebrate. And may His love shine from your heart and light the way to the manger for others who have been waiting in the dark. Merry Christmas everyone.

Take a Five Minute Walk

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